guest post from Nancy: Splurge on experiences, not stuff!

Hello friends! I'll be arriving home in a day or two, but wanted to share one more guest post with you! This one is from sweet Nancy, who I met right around the time I started blogging. Nancy is a brilliant photographer who lives down in Southern California (ps, hire her!). She also happens to love food...therefore you know we're meant to be friends. Thanks Nancy! xox

Lots of things make me happy: my husband, Kris, my friends and family, hiking, wine, cooking, reading, the beach, yogurtland, but these are all parts of the daily life routine. I like to dream big just like Tiffany and so I've always wanted to travel the world, anywhere and everywhere.
Every year the Mr. and I make it a priority to travel to a country on our list (it's a long one!) with a few local weekend getaways thrown in the mix, but of course. I can give up shopping and shiny things, but I cannot give up my trips. Travel is a priority, it makes us really HAPPY!
In 2009 we traveled to Costa Rica, it is one of my favorite places we've traveled so far. So much that we really considered moving there, like for reals! We love meeting new people, eating delicious food and learning a new culture and if there is an ocean, tasty food and cocktails then it's our kind of place. We were able to do all of this and more in Costa Rica. It can be better described in their motto, pura vida.
The phrase "Pura Vida" (literally "pure life") is a ubiquitous motto in Costa Rica. It encapsulates the pervading ideology of living in peace in a calm, unclustered manner appreciating life surrounded by nature, family and friends.
Next on the list is Belize and Spain! Happy travels and may you find your little slice of happiness.

Nancy Orozco is a portrait and wedding photographer in Los Angeles CA serving the SoCal region. She would love to do destination weddings, like in Belize or Spain!
You can check out her gorgeous photos on her website and read more about her adventures on her blog.