happiness is a giraffe in the love shack

Some things I've decided we need for the love shack (in no particular order):


Isn't this lamp awesome? You know what's not awesome? $395

I've had a thing for giraffes lately. We WILL have one in our kitchen, I just have to find the perfect one. Tim's on board too. He says "sure" when I come running up to him, jumping up and down, saying things like, "I've decided we need some giraffes in our kitchen." And that's why I love him.


This antiqued wooden sign from the always fantastic Rockett St. George (found via poppytalk) would look perfect, just perfect, in our kitchen! Unfortunately, it also comes with a pretty hefty pricetag. I think I'll attempt a recreation at some point.

I'm loving this bright chair from Target, althought I'm not sure how comfortable it would be. Anyone have one? Is it a chair you'd really want to spend time sitting in?


Love these. Love!
I don't know what there is to say about this one. Oh, except, if you have a uterus, do not spend time on petfinder.com. Seriously. They use phrases like "forever home." What's a girl to do?