Happy Bastille Day

Yay for Bastille Day!

In honor of the French national holiday, it seemed fitting to share some Bastille Day-y photos from our recent France trip:

These guards were some of the first people we saw on the Champs-Élysées
right after we arrived in Paris. This was one of the first of many
times on the trip that Tim reminded me that my photos would be even
more surreptitious if I turned my flash off.

This is me being super cool on the Champ de Mars as we got ready for our bike tour of Paris. This bike tour made me really want a beach cruiser.
 See those big clouds in the sky? Yeah, it totally poured on our bike tour. Others were not happy, I didn't really mind so much.
Here I am at a Joan of Arc statue in Paris. She didn't really have anything to do with the French Revolution, but I think that she taught the French to fight for their country, no matter what. I'm positive that some of her spirit contributed to the spirit of the revolutionaries.

This is us at the top of the Arc de Triomphe at night. So pretty!

This photo was from the Maritime Museum -- this is one of Napolean's actual boats!

And this is one of the actual buildings of Marie Antionette's hamlet at Versailles. Did you know that she and her friends used to dress up to play peasant, but they would do things like have the sheep dyed to match their dresses? When learning about her role in history, it's easy to see why really hungry, really poor people were super pissed.

Have a wonderful day, my friends! And remember, Viva la Revolucion! But, not really, because that was a really tough time in French history. It all worked out in the end, but jeez, a lot of really bad stuff went down. Hmm...maybe this week's Friday Confession should be: I love gross understatments of historical facts.