happy designs for the home

Well, friends, it seems I'm sick. Again. I know, right? Again? Yep, again. But, I am happily on a course of antibiotics that will hopefully kick this thing for good.

I've decided that my unending trail of ickyness is the Universe's way of telling me not to get a job (yet). And, really, this is for the best since I can't go asking after a job with a hacking perhaps-she-has-tuberculosis-cough. 

The upside of being couch-bound is that I've been able to catch up on my blog reading.  When you have a whole house that you can decorate as you please (including painting the walls!), there is a ton of good stuff out there in the blog world. I haven't lived in a place where I've been able to paint the walls since I lived at home, so I am very excited.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:

For the kitchen:



Both of these photos are via design*sponge which recently featured the home of Hannah Berman of Pie Bird Press (whose etsy shop is here!). I love her use of color! Such fun! 


And I'm thinking of this color yellow (via Alkemie) for the kitchen walls.

For the office/craft room/guest room:


Office 2 

Both images via elements of style. I love the IKEA Expedit shelves and really like how versatile they can be!  

For the laundry room:


From Domino via The Estate of Things. The color! The ironing board! The shelves!

And finally:


I love, love, love this green (via designismine)! I don't know if it will be in the bathroom or the office, but it's just too pretty to pass up!

What about you? What if you had carte blanche to do any decorating you chose?  Would you do anything "crazy?" I've been considering wallpaper in the hallway, but am still working on convincing my mom (from whom we are renting the house) that wallpaper is back in.

Oh, and as the changes start, I'll be sure to post before and after pics, don't you worry!