Happy Valentine's Day!


Hello lovely lovers! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

Today is a BIG DAY for me as I'm going to be taking the oral exams for my coaching certification in an hour! (OMG!)

It's a really incredible feeling to sit here in my office at Teahouse and think about just how far I've come in the last year. The landscape of my life is completely different and yet, I feel like the same person. There's been growth, there's been learning, but at the heart of it, I'm still me.

My biggest lesson from this year is that you never really know where life is taking you, so it's best to hold on and enjoy the ride. I came into this experience certain that I wanted to make a creative living as an artist, but through my coach training, I've learned that what makes me truly come alive is to help other people realize their creative dreams and live their biggest, baddest, bestest lives.

That alivenes is key, and I'm going to keep riding the wave!

Thanks to all of your for your support in all of my endeavors. I know I couldn't have done it without all of you!

I'll check in tomorrow to let you know how it went! Send good thoughts!!