hello lovers...

Hi friends!

Boy, do I have a TON to catch y'all up on! I'm planning to spend a large chunk of my day tomorrow doing a huge brain dump and trying to make some sense of the last few months.

This roller coaster that has been my life is pretty amazing -- and I have so many stories to tell!

But instead of jumping right in with the intense stuff (preview: fierce courage! fierce!) I thought I'd ease back in with what I'm best at...

That's right: today we're going to be talking about pretty things from Anthro.

(Oh, how things don't really ever change, right?)

First, I'm kind of loving this skirt:

It seems really impractical and so so pink, but I think I might need it in my closet. It could become that thing that I annoyingly (only to other people of course) wear waay too much, but that thrills me every time I put it on.

This is usually my hope for most things Anthro, although it doesn't always end up being the case. Closest piece: my bicycle dress. I do still absolutely adore it and would wear it every day if the Bay Area weather were a bit more accommodating.

Next up, are these tops:

Cute, huh? And they'd go really well with that skirt! Two outfits in the bag, yo!!

(Full confession: I put myself on a shopping hiatus for the month of May since I tend to buy things that I don't *realy* need but kinda do and well, that usually ends better for my closet than my wallet. BUT I have things to return to Anthro and store credit, so that doesn't actually count as shopping, right?)

I'll let you know how things go! xox