Hey, Anthropologie, wanna take this outside?

Oh come on, Anthro, why you gotta do me like that?

First, you point out a super cute plaid shirt dress (LOVE shirt dresses!) which completely goes with a belt and boots that I already own.


Then, you show me that you also make that dress in tones of blue and green (LOVE tones of blue and green!).


Next, I get my catalog last month, and it features a kicky brunette with a bob and bangs IN FRANCE!! Seriously, it's like you're talking right at me about all the lovely.


And, finally, you send me an email letting me know about an outfit with a 50's-ish vibe that features a polka-dot blouse that buttons in the front and in the back. 

Polka dot blouse

Um, now it's starting to just feel mean.