holding out for September 13

Well, friends, since Mercury is retrograde until the 13th, I'm laying low. I seriously think I need to just stop communicating with people altogether!

It's becoming quite comical.

Case in point: I was emailing a friend over the weekend about dinner plans and kept wondering why she wasn't responding. Turns out I was actually emailing someone in Kansas who had her same name. In Kansas. Luckily said person in Kansas let me know...but for reals?

Oh, and if you're wondering where my blog sidebar went, it's now living at the bottom of the blog. Not on purpose. It's just what happened on Friday.


Tim's folks get in town today, so I'll most likely be staying quiet for the rest of the week (although it's not like you'd understand anything I was saying anyway), but I hope y'all are having a good week and are able to hang in there until next Monday.

Together, we can get through this, I promise.

PS. In news that is decidedly awesome and waaay more fun to talk about than Mercury retrograde, today is the last day of my Labor Day sale. Click here to experience the greatness: 40% off all prints and cards and 20% off original paintings. Whoo hoo!