How to Say No: a webinar.

Which came first? The ambition or the overwhelm?

Have you ever found yourself saying:

Oh, that's not what I normally do, but I'll squeeze you in this one time. 
Sure, I can make an exception for that. 
Ahh. I'm really jam-packed, but let me see if I can make it work. 

And every time you do the non-jerky thing of making someone else's priority become your own, you feel the tiniest hint of regret, of what have I done? 

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you are so busy taking care of other people that you can't possibly get to your own work? 

You say yes because you are curious, creative, genuinely passionate about your work, and open to opportunities.

Oh yeah, you’re also a nice person and hate feeling like a jerk. So when did you get so bogged down in the obligation that you became miserable, so overcommitted that you can’t finish anything, and resentful of all of the seemingly-amazing goodness coming your way?

It's time to start saying no. To everyone else. So that you can say yes to yourself. (Click to tweet)

I can help. Let's start a REV-NO-LUTION. 

When: Monday, November 4 at 4:00pm PST; $25

What: an hour-long webinar containing real-life strategies to help you say no gracefully, prioritize your most important work first, and say no without feeling like a terrible person.

*Note: In case you aren't able to make it live, an e-book of the material (including 5 scripts for saying no - personally and professionally- that get you off the hook with charm and ease!) and a recording of the webinar will be emailed to all participants following the webinar.

Why:  Because you’re ready to stop putting everyone else’s most important things first, but can’t seem to get out of your yes trap.

And because I know that it can be different. Register now.