how to show up when things turn shitty.

Last week, I had my regular bi-weekly skype call with Michelle, but this call wasn't filled with talk about mundane things in our lives. It was filled with real-life tough stuff. Ruin your day kind of stuff. You could die kind of stuff.

On the call, Michelle told me that she had breast cancer.

She is 33 and she has breast cancer and that is shitty. It just is. There's no arguing that fact.

The remarkable thing though is how Michelle has chosen to handle this. The remarkable thing is that Michelle hasn't let this get her down. She has not let something oh-so-serious as cancer rob her of her spirit. She hasn't changed who she is and how she shows up in the world because of this circumstance in her life.


I think that she can be a model for us all. A model of how to show up in the world when things don't go your way. When they get hard. When the road is rough.

A model of the fact that we get to choose always, each and every day, even when things aren't peachy. That we are the ones in charge of our own selves, and that nothing else gets to take away our power without our permission.

Michelle, you are a treasure to the world. Thank you for being you.