Ep. 150: How to Make Space & 100 Days of Going Light Recap

Photo Credit: Rachel Eliza Griffith

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Okay, you know there are things you want to do with your creative work. But you also know that there are about a million different things vying for your attention? How do you make space to welcome in the things you really want?

This week, I'm talking about how to get started in making space for your big dreams as well as what I learned about business after I had my twins three years ago (which was right around the time that things started taking off for me...coincidence? I think not!). The key: focus on the big stuff. Let the rest fall away. 

I also tie this into what I learned from my 100 Days of Going Light experiment about only doing the things that lit me up and focusing on that for 100 days. A lot changed. And change takes time. Patience helps a ton. Keep going.