Ep. 187: How to Navigate Change...in Real Time

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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Today I'm talking about how to deal with navigating change, and this episode is auto-biographical as I'm right in the midst of making some huge changes around my home life (hello, let's move states!). 

I'll take you through the steps I'm using right now as I gingerly tread through this shift and try to stay sane in the process. 

Want the cliff notes? Here are my 8 steps:

1. Remember why you want it. 
2. Remember that you want it.
3. Let go of having answers that will appease other people's anxieties.
4. But create external accountability if that helps. 
5. Self-care like whoa.
6. Sleep.
7. Say when it's hard. 
8. Remember that you'll be so grateful for this experience someday. 

Change is important, and it's hard. And we're all in it together. 

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