I had no idea.

I had no idea. via Tiffany Han

I had no idea. 

It’s what we say now when we get the news that something scary, or tragic, or sad has happened to someone we know.

I had no idea…

...that your family was involved in a car accident. ...that your high school friend recently committed suicide. ...that your mother just lost her battle with cancer. ...that your husband will most likely be out of a job by summer’s end.

Everything is public and available for consumption. We share so much of our lives online that it’s easy to forget that we most likely aren’t getting the whole story.

We are never getting the whole story. 

And so it’s time to stop thinking that we are. It’s time to stop expecting to be informed.

One reason people have a hard time cutting back on social media is that they “don’t want to miss anything.” Why not?

What’s wrong with missing something?

What’s wrong with not being intimately involved with every single detail of over a hundred people’s lives?

What’s wrong with cutting back and getting reacquainted with your own life instead?

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