If I had a sponsor...

Sometimes, I like to think about the things that I might like to treat myself to when I'm actually earning more income and not pouring all of my extra funds back into my business.

Or course, I'd pick up some pretty frocks at Anthro. I've had my eye on this one lately:


I love how simple and gauzy and girly it is!

I've also had my eye on these adorable rubber stamp sets from Ink and Wit. The pricetag for each is a little steep (although I'm hoping they start selling them as separates!), but can you just imagine all the fun you'd have with these two sets? Giraffes visiting the Eiffel Tower? Yes please!



I'm smitten with both sets. Completely smitten. 

And finally, I'm falling more in love with these guys. They certainly aren't my typical style, but I think I could rock them out!


How about you? Anything fun and completely indulgent you've had your eye on lately?