in love with love

Lately, I have been falling in love with Rob Ryan's work.

First there was this, which I mentioned in this post.


I still think it's lovely and beautiful and amazing. Unfortunately, it's no longer available in Mister Rob's etsy shop.

Then, I came across this gorgeous print -- amazing! And, this one IS available, yay!


I find it remarkable how much Ryan's work resonates with me. I really feel like so much emotion comes through in his works.

THEN, I went to pick up a Valentine's Day card for Tim, and guess what? They had a Robert Ryan card. I didn't take a picture, but it was (of course) sweet and perfect.

And, finally, I came across this from Chronicle Books. I wasn't looking, I just found it. A whole book!


I think that part of why this is all resonating with me so much now is that I feel very in love. I see love all around, I feel surrounded by it. And that's all very good.

And now, a letter to Mr. Ryan himself:

Rob Ryan,

Thank you for making such beautiful work.

Now, can you just tell me where you've been all my life?

xoxo, fanny