Ep. 149: An Invitation to Flow (and Permission to Drop Those Old Stories!)

Photo Credit: Rachel Eliza Griffith

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Ooh let's talk about stories - namely: the stories that we decide are true that hold us back. Examples include: Tiffany talks too much or Tiffany isn't a good speaker. (Ahem, right.)

The problem with these stories that are often hold-overs from our youth is that we let them hold us back. We decide to use them as evidence against going after the things we want for our lives. They're conveniently placed right between us and our dreams. 

And I say no more! This week, we dig into how those stories hold us back (and you'll hear a few of mine as examples) and what we need to do to move past them. You'll also hear WHY this is so important and what's possible for us if and when we decide to put ourselves back into the driver's seat!