it all boils down to being brave.

Hi friends!

I've been a little bit absentee these last couple of weeks, but don't y'all worry, I've been living it up out in the real world!

But, if you are missing my brilliance and wisdom, I wanted to let you know of two posts that you shouldn't miss:

  • I wrote about owning it last week over on Spring. Y'all know this is my favorite thing to talk about, so get on over and read all about it!
  • I also posted on the Courage of Kindness over on Kind Over Matter. I really love this blog and love that Jenn and Amanda are creating such a community of kindness. Good, good stuff!

Oh, and I thought it would only be fitting to showcase the rewards of my own bravery this past weeked.

Are you ready for it?

Cause this is good stuff...

Y'all. This weekeind. I met The Avett Brothers!!!!

Fanny_seth_avett (This pic is my favorite cause it captures how I'm probably telling him that no, he is that awesome, and he's realizing that he has to shut me up with a hug. It worked)

Right?!?!?! Are you freaking out too right now?!?

Let me just say, all those boys are some of the nicest people out there. They were so sweet to me, their "Can I just tell you how awesome you are and how much you've affected my world?" fan.

And had I not been brave, I would never have talked to them.

Lesson of the week: Be Brave. Do it. And watch the magic unfold.

PS. If I'm a little absent this week, it's cause I'm working on my new website!!! OMG! And I'm going to show you very, very soon!!!