it's 11/11...let's play a wishing game!

Do you guys play that game where you make a wish when it's 11:11?

The way I play is that you close your eyes upon seeing the time, make a wish and then if it's still 11:11 when you open up your eyes, your wish will come true!


So, in honor of today's date, I say we all play a game. A wishing game.

Here's what I'm thinking...let's all close our eyes for a moment, take a couple of breaths, and then think about what we'd like our lives to look like.

And let's make that our big wish.

Let's make it that big, scary wish that makes your tummy hurt a bit. You know the one that you think of all the time but that you're too embarassed/scared/shy to tell other people? That one that, for some reason, you can't say out loud?

Yep, let's make it that wish.

So wish that wish, but instead of keeping it in your head, write it down or tell someone or just say it out loud. Or share it here.

If you're feeling shy, leave a comment anonymously, but I can promise you this, putting your big, scary wish out into the world might just make it a little less scary. And it might just move you one step closer to actually making that crazy magic wish for your life come true.

Are you ready?

I'll start us off with mine:

I wish for a life where I can be creative every day. I wish for a space where I can work with other artists who inspire creativity in me. I wish to use my energy to help other people find their inspired lives. I want to make art and write books and teach classes. I want to do all of this surrounded by big, juicy conversations and so much love and laughter. And I want to build a life where this work contributes to my financial abundance, allowing me to keep working and helping and inspiring. My wish is for this.

Ok, now it's your turn...GO!