I've been wanting to tell you...

I’ve been wanting to tell you that I think you are beautiful. I think you are beatiful and kind, and right where you need to be in this world.

I’ve been wanting to tell you that I know you think you’re the only one who feels the way that you do, who has the struggles that you have, that you think everyone else has it different, that you’re in this all by yourself.

Don’t believe it. Don’t believe the little lies and the whispers that you hear when your beautiful, dreaming, crazy mind starts playing tricks on you.

The whispers come because you do want more, and you know it and you’re starting to move towards that for yourself.

They are the confusion that happens when you start saying no to everyone else’s conventional wisdom and doing your own thing.

They are the fear that comes up when you are up to REALLY BIG THINGS for yourself.

And even though they seem big and loud and real to you, the only power they have is the power you give them.

I've been wanting to tell you that you get to choose what to do with them, choose to listen or not listen, choose to decide who you want to respond, how you want to react, how you show up despite the voices.

And I've been wanting to tell you that you've got this, and that you are amazing. You've got this. I know it.