I've been wanting to tell you...

I’ve been wanting to tell you that I know.

I know that sometimes you feel like a fraud, like everyone is going to one day figure out that you’re making it all up as you go along.

I know that you’re terrified at the prospect of what the future holds. And at the very same time, you’re giddy about the potential.

I know that you feel your hopes and dreams in your heart so strongly that, at times, you feel like they are going to burst out of you into the world. 

I know that sometimes this feeling makes you feel amazing an on top of the world. And that sometimes it makes you feel as if you’re all alone in this world.

I’ve been wanting to tell you that I know all of this, I see all of it, and that you are so golden. You were put on this Earth to move mountains, Gorgeous, and I know that you will.

You’re getting warmed up, and even if YOU don’t see it, I do. And I know that when you’re there, at the starting line, waiting for that gun to go off, Baby, you’re gonna shine.

Just like the bright, crazy diamond that you are.