Ep. 170: Jaimie Myers on Building Relationships (and the truth about social media!)

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Ah, social media! It's where we all love to connect and get inspired and show our work and the thing that's usually the cause of our comparison syndrome, overwhelm, and lack of fresh ideas.

So how do you deal? This week, I'm talking with Instagram expert and social media strategist Jaimie Myers about just that. 

We cover what you want to pay attention to instead of the numbers, how to build relationships, and how to move beyond the picture perfect feeds you see everywhere.

We also talk about the strategies you might want to stay away from (and I share my own story of a day when I tried something that turned out to be super high on the ick factor) and how to get started if you're new at social media and/or overwhelmed by it all. 

Oh! And you'll also hear Jaimie's top Instagram do's and don'ts - they're so good!

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3 Instagram Do's & Don'ts

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