JOY: found.

Hi Friends! I'm home from the amazing JOY retreat up in Manzanita on the Oregon coast.

*note: Manzanita is adorable and amazing. For reals, even despite the craptastic 40-something weather, it was great. If you haven't been, you should go! If you need a tour guide, let me know. I'd be happy to make another trip there!

We got to spend 3 full days learning and exploring the ways of polaroids, cooking and painting with amazing teachers: Hula, Tracy, and Mati.

And it was just divine. Just divine.

Here's the thing: I get giddy at occasions where women can come together and lift each other up. Where there isn't jealousy and insecurity and all that competitive high school shit that can happen sometimes. Aren't we over that yet?

Apparently, this group was. It was delicious. The food and the company and the art and all of it!

There were about a million photographers there, so I really only took pictures of my feet and things that I saw around town. Maybe I can get some shots from flickr to post for you guys of the actual people. Maybe, but no promises.

Oh, and I came up with a new concept for my art. I'm feeling this one, and am going to explore the concept more. Stay tuned, cause this theme is bound to show up in my shoppe soon!

What did I miss? What have you been up to?!?!

PS. Did you notice that I have the longest toes ever?! It's wierd, right?