Katie Dalebout on Letting it Out

I loved getting to talk with blogger and podcaster Katie Dalebout this week for Raise Your Hand Say Yes. What started out as a conversation about journaling, quickly became a conversation about the power of emotions (and the discomfort they bring!), shitty first drafts and finding your voice. Want the cliff notes? Get your cheat sheet here!

If you're someone who's wanted to start a practice of journaling or is working on honing your creative voice, this episode is for you! You'll also get to hear Katie and I geek out about all the secret podcasts we want to start. Who knows...crazier things have happened!

PS. Thank you to Kristl Yuen for lettering the cheat sheet for this episode!

PPS. This episode is sponsored by Lacy Young's Sweet Surrender 21-Day Sugar Detox which starts May 1. If you've been wanting to shake your sugar habit, Lacy will get you started with love and support. Bonus: she's offering a 2-for-1 special which means you have a built in accountability buddy! 

Listen now: