Kristen Ley on Faith & Hustle

This week, I had the good fortune of interviewing Kristen Ley of Thimblepress for Raise Your Hand Say Yes and our conversation was one of my favorites! Kristen's story is the epitome of my raise your hand and say yes philosophy, and it was so inspiring to hear about how she built her business in just a few years by taking risks and keeping her eye on the prize. 

In this episode, we also talk about the power of both faith and hustle and how you can keep going when you're trying to juggle a million different things. Kristen also offered up wonderful advice to anyone who's wanting to get started with a business of their own, especially if you're nervous about marketing!

Kristen! I'm so glad we're friends now! Thank you for showing up so honestly and being so generous with your stories! I cannot wait for more. xxoo

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PPS. Applications are now open for the upcoming round of It's Business Time and spots are going quick! Want to make 2016 the year you start a business of your own? Hop to it! 

Listen now: