Laura Simms on Purpose

Laura Simms on Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han

You guys. I adore Laura Simms! This interview was so fun to do because 1. Laura is my friend and 2. She is so smart!

While I thought Laura and I would talk a lot about the hustle of being a new mom and an entrepreneur, our conversation quickly took a turn towards being about finding your purpose, appropriate because Laura helps people discover their purpose-driven careers as a career coach. We also talk about letting go of what other people are thinking, letting go of needing a "label" for yourself, and committing to something for the sake of learning.

Laura, you're the best! It was such a treat having you on the show! Thank you!! 

PS. At the beginning of this episode, I also introduce something I’m super excited about: the Raise your Hand Say Yes book club. We’re starting with The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Get your copy now and give it a read – the episode where we discuss it will air on March 4!

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