Ep. 154: Laurie Wagner on Telling the Truth

Photo Credit:   Andrea Scher

Photo Credit: Andrea Scher

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Ah! Season 4 is here! I'm thrilled to be kicking us off with an interview with Laurie Wagner, an author and artist who also happens to be my writing teacher! Through her amazing Wild Writing method, Laurie helps writers tap into their truth and get to the heart of what they really want to say in this world. (Which is pretty much step one of living your Raise Your Hand Say Yes life!)

In this conversation, Laurie and I talk about telling the truth and what it has to do with leadership. You'll also hear her thoughts on getting vulnerable as an expert and teacher and why it's so critical. Oh, and we also dive into a discussion about drinking (and not drinking) and Jesus - and how interesting it is that both topics feel so controversial.

If you're interested in finding your voice and tapping into a deeper spiritual truth, this episode is for you! 

Enjoy, enjoy!