let it be good.

Let it be good. via Tiffany Han

Earlier this year, I interviewed a literary agent about the publishing industry for my 100 Rejection Letters workbook. Towards the end of the interview, he casually mentioned that my idea could easily translate into a book and that my website and messaging were spot on.

“Oh. Rad.” I thought, before promptly forgetting about it and letting myself get caught up in the rest of my to dos: the diapers that needed changing, the bottles that needed cleaning, the online scheduler that needed syncing, and the emails that needed writing.

When working on creative endeavors, it's easy to stay caught up in the busy and the day-to-day tasks. We forget that a little boost, such as the one this agent gave me, can keep us moving forward for weeks or even months!

Someone whose job it is to get books published told me that I had a publishable idea. Full stop.

(An aside: I need to print this out and tape it to my computer monitor!)

How much more motivation do I need to sit down and do the freaking work already?!

And yet, we creatives are starved for motivation. Our biggest challenge is sitting down and Doing the Work and we spend all of our spare time (and work time!) scouring the internet looking for productivity tips and tricks and hacks and secrets.

No wonder nothing gets done.

What if, instead of looking for the OMG LIFE CHANGING SECRETS TO PRODUCTIVITY, we focus on the good, on those nuggets of awesome that help us keep moving?

note to self: my creative work matters via Tiffany Han

Tanya Geisler says to make a yum + yay folder for your inbox. Michelle Ward says to keep a win book. I say to do whatever it takes for you not to forget all of the messages you’ve gotten from the world that your work matters and that you MUST keep going with it.

Let it be good. Let yourself revel in your wins, and your sales, and your successes. Take a moment to fistbump the Universe and say, “Yes. I am doing this. It IS working. It is paying off.” and then keep glowing.

Print out that email from your first paying client and put a copy in every room if you need to. Read it before bed and before starting your work day and any time in between when you’re feeling down about what you do.

It is your job to relentlessly protect your motivation and your heart from the voices of inner critics. You get to do whatever it takes to focus on the good. 

Let yourself celebrate. Let it be easy to focus on what’s working instead of what’s not working. Let yourself have those wins that make it possible for you to do the work.

Ready...set...go. (Now. Do something now.)

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