let the countdown begin

Hello friends!

So, in just three short days, my life is going to be turned completely upside down.  By Saturday evening, I will have both finished up the job that I've been at for nearly three years and moved out of the apartment where I've lived for nearly four.

Between now and then, I need to:

  1. finish packing

  2. purchase a replacement burner for my stove

  3. oh yeah, there's a big event at work that I'm planning on Thursday evening

  4. cleaning my desk at work

  5. and, saying goodbye to my dear work friends

  6. cleaning up files, etc.

3 days, people! I have 3 days! And then it's big-time blogland!!

And, trust me, I have a lot to tell you:

  • How leaving a job and moving out of your apartment within 24 hours is not the best idea

  • How I killed that burner on my stove

  • How I am horrible at packing

  • How my mom totally did me a solid

  • How I'm coming to realize that I'm always going to depend on my mom for certain things. And how I'm finally starting to be okay with that.

  • How I'm so super psyched to be moving in with Tim when we get back from France

  • How I'm freaking out that I quit my job (Note: this hasn't happened yet, but it may)

  • How I'm giving up gossip for Lent

Are you excited?!?! I sure am!

{Send me some good moving/packing/getting-all-my-stuff together energy please!}