let's be fierce, yes?

Image via Kal Barteski

I saw this on Friday and had the initial reaction of "oh fuck yeah." I think that reaction is always a good sign that you're onto something.

Because of this, I've officially changed my word of 2012 from magic to fierce. I'm still going to welcome the magic, but I have a feeling that the fierceness is the way to really make it happen.

How I want to show up fiercely:

I want to love fiercely.
I want to be fiercely protective of my resources: time, energy, money.
I want to be fiercely compassionate with the world.
I want to be fiercely courageous in all things I do and want to approach the world from a place of fierce courage.
I want to fiercely fight for the things that I know I deserve.
I want to fiercely stand up for right and wrong.
I want to fiercely take care of myself.
I want to fiercely honor my body.
I want to fiercely invest in all of the relationships in my life.

I want to be fierce at all times.

I want to be fiercely awesome.

It's on, 2012. Look out!