let's be friends

Dear Anthropologie,

I'm ready to make up, ok?

You see, I visited your downtown Portland store this afternoon and didn't see those stupid pants anywhere. Yay! I'm so glad we can be friends again!

Except...well...sadly, one of the drawbacks to being funemployed is that I'm going to have to stay away for a while. Yes, I know that all of your things (well, most) are lovely. Yes, I know that I would look tres chic strolling the streets of Paris in one of your oh-so-pretty ensembles.

Yes, I will miss you too.

{le sigh}

But, my dear, do not despair, for I'm in talks with the Universe to make sure that you and I are not separated for long. Trust me on this: we WILL be BFF once I find my way and start having an actual income instead of just outcome.

Soon, ma cherie, soon.

xo, fanny