letting go.

Reverb 10 prompt #5: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

Ooh, such a good one! Since I'm a couple of days behind on this, I've had some time to think about it. I feel like I've probably let go of a lot this year, as it's been a BIG one for me, but I think the biggest thing is this:

I've let go of having to be perfect. I've let go of having to do it all.

And, um, yeah, that was a big one wasn't it?

Just a quick example of what I'm talking about: I woke up yesterday with a list of things to do before heading to work at 11:30: things to package up, boxes to send, a custom order to cut, blog posts to write (including this one!), cleaning to do, a dog to walk, morning pages to write...and the list goes on.

Guess how many I got done? Just a couple. And I didn't worry about it. A couple of months ago? Oh man, I would have been stressing. I would have been rushing around, convinced that I could get it all done, which would only have left me feeling guilty about my invetiable failure.

Side note: can we all please let go of some of the guilt and shame we feel so often about our lives? If you say amen, sistah, you must (MUST!) get this book -- it's been one of my faves of the year!

So, yeah, perfectionism. Having to be that perfect friend, daughter, girlfriend, puppy mom, artist, worker, blogger. Screw it. Isn't it more fun when I'm just me? All spazzy and goobery and sweet and genuiune? I'm banking that your answer is yes.

Y'all, this has been a very, very good thing to let go of. Here's my blog post a day or two late...and I betcha you didn't even notice.