life lessons from 30,000 feet


I had an odd experience Saturday evening as I chased the sunset down from a plane heading from Charlotte, NC to San Francisco, CA.

I've always been quite comfortable on planes and have always enjoyed flying, feeling sympathetic to those folks who get anxious but never personally having suffered any bit of anxiety around it.

Until Saturday.

I was sitting in my window seat looking out at the Sunset over the jet, on top of the clouds, and all of a sudden, the gravity (no pun intended) of the situation hit me.

Holy crap. I am in this machine that is flying really fast above the clouds. And everyone around me is acting like everything is normal. This is magic.

For a few moments, I was absolutely terrified.

But then my terror turned to wonder and then amazement. I was in a machine. Flying really fast. Above the clouds. And this was normal.

This experience was magic.

I didn't realize the magic of what was happening until I got yanked out of my, "I'm fine with flying" perspective and let the scary bigness of it all hit me. I didn't realize the wonder of it all until I sat in my anxiety.

The anxiety about the bigness of the situation led to my amazement and wonder about the bigness of the situation.

And when given the choice, wouldn't you much rather sit in amazement and wonder than anxiety?