living my BIG

Oh, friends, how I've missed you.

I've come to realize that when I'm in charge, this blog happens. When I'm feeling in control of my life, my schedule and my routines, I take the time to sit down and write.

And when I'm feeling out of control, things don't happen. Things that are important to me like: blogging, walking my dog, taking care of my appearance, my body and my home.

All of those good things that have fallen aside these days as I've gotten caught up in the flow of other projects and have started feeling like I haven't had a choice of what to do.

The truth is: we always have a choice.

So, I own that truth for myself. I own that I chose what to let slide for a bit. I also own my renewed choice to recommit to the things that are important to me: I have to start living my BIG.

I had coach training this past weekend and it was all about learning how to coach people towards living their most fulfilling life.

Um, can we just take a moment to revel in how much I'm in love with my training program. The kool-aid they're serving tastes really, really good, y'all.

One aspect of the training this weekend was actually working with other students on getting coached toward living my own most fulfilling life. My BIG, my dreams, the life that gives me butterflies in my tummy, the one that is more sparkly and full than I can even imagine. 

That life is the one that I have to look at. The one wherein I call the shots. Where the rules are mine and I get to break them if I want to. Because I'll always have a choice.

Today I choose BIG. I choose to take that bigness inside me and actually bring it out, to start making it happen.

What do you choose?