Ep. 223: My Long + Winding Road to Here...

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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In a world full of people telling us how they can revolutionize our businesses and that we need to leap and hope with all we have that our nets will appear, how can we be so sure that the move we're going to make is The Right One?

This week, I'm taking you through my journey (starting Freshman year in college) of so many Raise Your Hand Say Yes career moves that eventually got me to the place of starting my coaching practice, going full time, and starting this podcast.

There are twists. And turns. And backtracks. And pivots. As is to be expected by life. But, there was also so much learning - which I'll share as well. 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and remember: you're doing great. You're not alone. Keep going. 

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