looking forward.


I think that next week might actually turn out to be the best week of my life. Ever.

Can I share?

Here's the plan:

On Sunday night, I'm flying out on the red-eye (no fun, but necessary) to Atlanta, where the amazing Jess Swift and Michelle Ward will pick me up in their pajamas. Then we're going to go to Jess's lovely abode for some girly fun and will be joined by my bff Laura!

On Tuesday, Laura and I will be heading off to Emory University to see the Dalai Lama, Alice Walker, and Richard Gere (!?) give a talk on Spirituality & Creativity. Amazing! Then after that I get to see a dear friend from college whom I see way too infrequently!

Then (can you believe I'm still going with this?) on Wednesday, Laura and I are hitting the road to Columbia to attend the South Carolina State Fair where we will see The Avett Brothers!!! Heck yeah!

Then after a couple days recovering from all that excitement in Charlotte, I'm hopping a plane to West Palm Beach where I will once again meet up with all the Spring gals for Carolyn's wedding! Y'all we're staying at the Ritz. This things is going to be fancy. So fancy!

Can you believe the week I have coming up? My head might just explode from the combined awesomeness of everything.

I'll keep you posted on all the fun! Whee!!!