Ep. 169: Are you looking for the wrong thing? (And what to do with your doubt.)

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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So many of us are striving for something bigger in our lives and creative work. We want to find success doing something that makes us come alive *and* that serves the world. (No pressure, right?)

And, it's so easy to fall prey to watching what everyone else is doing and wanting a piece of their picture instead of focusing on our own. (You aren't alone. We all do it.)

This week, I'm talking about how I think so many of us are focusing on the wrong thing in our creative longings and where you can look instead. My way feels a lot more fun and easy, so what's there to lose?

Oh! And the doubt. I'll also share my new favorite way for dealing with those inevitable doubts that show up in every moment!

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