love what you do. {period}

Here's a secret: it is possible to love your job.

To wake up every day feeling content. To not dread Sundays. To not put off bedtime because it means that the day is about to start all over again, like the Groundhog Day version of your life.

Clocking your time, pushing your papers, waiting waiting waiting...

{What, you gorgeous thing, are you waiting for?}

And it's not like we want to hate our jobs. We start out with the best of intentions, taking jobs that are "right," that please our parents, and that look really good on paper.

But, ultimately, your resume doesn't matter. It doesn't make you happy. Or fulfilled, or on purpose

It's just a piece of paper.

So what if you could throw that piece of paper away and start fresh? What if you got to decide on your own terms what was required for you to be happy at work?

What if you could set aside all the stories you tell yourself -- about how liking, much less loving, your job is not even a possibility, how being satistifed at work is a pipe dream, about how nobody is *really* content with what they do -- and actually figure your shit out?

What if the time you were waiting for is rightfreakingnow? {Hint: it is.}

You guys! My dear friend (and former career coach! See? It totally works!) Michelle Ward has opened up registration for her brand-new program Career Camp and I am going to be one of the counselors!

With Michelle, me, and other counselors (along with the other rad campers) you will be able to discover what you really want to be doing with your time - and your life and then figure out how that translates into a grown-up CAREER. (No pressure.)

You'll be able to put together a plan that will help you be happy. And who doesn't want to be happy?

*exactly* Nobody doesn't want to be happy. {Let that one sink in for a sec.}

So, Career Camp. Registration is open for this week only, and there are 75 coveted spots available. I have a feeling they'll go FAST y'all, as Michelle is quite literally the When I Grow Up Coach. This is her specialty, and I know that it's going to be delicious.

{So hop on to it.}

This post is in celebration of Career Camp, an online career change program for creative women led by Michelle Ward of When I Grow Up. If you're looking to shed your soul-sucking, energy-draining job and discover your passionate, grown up career - clicketyclick!




**photo by me; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching