Ep. 249: Mara Glatzel on Being Needy and Radical Responsibility

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Tell me this: would you avoid anything in the world to feel needy? Do you want to go deeper into your desires but feel selfish in doing so? Are you so accustomed to taking care of everyone else around you that you never have any time left for yourself?

Sweets, pull up a chair because this episode with life coach and host of the Needy podcast, Mara Glatzel is going to be balm for your soul. I wanted to have Mara back on early in the Money, Sex, Freedom series so we could talk about how wanting more for yourself in those areas is totally okay and also SUPER ENCOURAGED.

And, newsflash: having needs doesn't mean you're faulty or a failure. It means you're human! (WHOA.)

Dive in. It's so good. (Mara, thank you. You are a gift.)