Me, lately.

The blog has been quieter as usual lately. This is typically a sign that life has kept me busy. In great ways, but busy nonetheless. But, I am working on some really awesome stuff, so I thought I'd check in to let you know what I'm up to these days: 

* Growing Babies: I'm 23 weeks today with these twins, and everything is progressing safely and smoothly with this pregnancy. I've also finally knocked my morning sickness and have enetered that 2nd trimester and everything is groovy way of being that I kept hearing so many people talk about! (Follow me on instagram to stay up to date on bumpwatch.)

Except: tired. Y'all. I typically get tired mid-afternoon, and then it's over. I'm good as long as I build a 60-90 minute nap into my day. Those naps are delicious. And 100% necessary. 

* Work Stuff: I'm wrapping up month 1 of my latest round of glitterbomb group coaching, and I have to say it again: I love this work so much. So. Freaking. Much. 

I'm also working on a website revamp and move to wordpress (see my new headshot above!) as well as cooking up a few things with Erin for the holidays, including: a 2014 calendar (omgyouguysIamsoexcitedaboutthis!), a fully-stocked etsy shoppe, and a crazy-fun program for January that's all about shenanigans. 

Erin and I are also working on another project together that's secret for now but might have something to do with more personal blogging. Stay tuned for that! 

* Letting go: There's also so much I'm letting go of these days: the compulsion to get it all done, staying organized, powering through. I'm a complete slave to the needs of my body, and I feel so grateful to work for myself so that I can eat and rest throughout the day as much as I need to. 

Slowing down is not my MO, and I have momentary feelings of panic that I'm going to lose control and let everything slip away. But then I think about the bigger picture of my life and know that staying healthy in my pregnancy is my #1 goal and that my business isn't going anywhere. 

And, honestly, when I'm tired or hungry: look out. I literally cannot ignore myself anymore. It's pretty amazing how the human body works! 

What about you? What are you up to these days? What are you getting excited about and what are you letting go of? I'd love to hear! 

PS. Stay tuned tomorrow - I've got a fun little something something for y'all! 

*graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching