Ep. 103: Michelle Bablo on Going All In

Michelle Bablo is an event designer and the founder and Creative Director of Hell Yes Design Studio, and I was thrilled to talk with her for this week's episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Michelle's philosophy of "Fuck up and Win" speaks to my heart loud and clear and I loved hearing some of her behind-the-scenes stories of things that didn't go right and what she learned from those experiences! 

We also talked about the power of creating your own career, how to stay authentic to your own voice (and why it's so critical in creative industries!), and what to do after you have your "did I just commit to that crazy thing?" freak out. 

If you're someone who's ready to take some risks in your creative life and career, this episode is for you! 

Michelle, I adore you! Thank you for bringing everything you've got to this episode! 


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