Michelle Ward on Evolution

I'm so excited to have my dear friend Michelle Ward back on the show this week! Spoiler alert: Michelle is one of my favorite human beings ever. This week, we talked about evolution - the evolution of Michelle's career coaching business over the last 8 years and how things have shifted, including how she handled things after her cancer diagnosis. 

We also talk about the evolution of our It's Business Time program and what we learned about collaborating with the right people (and why we're so excited to be launching the program again!). 

If you're someone who's not sure how to deal with all the shit life throws at you and keep up with your business, this episode is for you! And if you're someone who ever struggles with knowing what the absolute right move to make is, this episode is also for you! Enjoy! 

PS. Want the highlights? Get your cheat sheet here!

Mish, I love you to the moon. And back. Thank you for all of it. 

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