the moments that matter.

the moments that matter via tiffany han The girls have started to smile. They grin and laugh and flirt with whatever they can - me, a friend, the ceiling fan or a painting on the wall. It is the best thing in the world.

The other day, I did a little dance for them, accompanied by a made up song (I believe it was “Ode to Coffee”) and they both broke out into the world’s sweetest smiles.

I melted. Into a puddle.

And then I realized: it’s these moments that make it all worth it.

In life and in business (especially in business) we spend all of our time focused on the things - the subscribers, the facebook likes and shares, the emails and the yes’s and no’s. It's so easy to forget about the moments that matter - the moments that make all of it so worth it.

These are the moments that have nothing to do with social media. Or the internet. Or public perception.

The moments like when my girls smile.

Or when I hear the pop of a champagne cork and know that we have something big to celebrate.

Or the moment when Tim nuzzles his face in my hair and says, “I love you” in response to something sweet or funny or loving that I’ve said.

The first sip of coffee after a looong night.

The first page of a really good book.

The last page of a really good book.

That moment of shared eye contact with a stranger at IKEA because Can you believe that woman in the returns line said that?

Yes, we all want to focus on the BIG and the DREAMY and the OMGAWESOME, but without the moments that matter, the rest of it means nothing. (click to tweet)

Sure, it’s much easier to look at all of the things that need to change in your life. And the people who are wrong. And then if onlys and the buts.

And then the whole point is missed.

By recognizing what your most importants are, you can start crafting your life from the inside out. Starting with you. And then moving into the rest of your world.

These are my moments that matter.

What are yours?

**photos by me; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching