monday's confession: i'm not perfect

I'll start out this post by saying that I'm so not perfect that I'm posting a confession on friday instead of monday. And you know what? That's totally ok!

Perfection is a tricky thing, isn't it? It's like we all have this image, this vision of ourselves that we're working towards and perfection seems to always be involved in such visions.

I want to be a perfect artist, a perfect partner, a perfect parent/child/friend blahblahblah...but what does being perfect really mean?

Here's my thought: perfection comes in embracing imperfection. Perfection is saying, I'm perfectly Tiffany, because I'm completely commited to who I am as a person, to the person that I've become, imperfections and all.

What would happen if we let go of the perfection piece and just embraced who we are as people.

It's our quirks that help us stand out in a crowd, especially if it's a crowd full of people striving for perfection.

Mati and I took this picture the other day as part of Brene Brown's perfect protest ( I just bought this book and am planning on consuming it on the airplane), This is a canvas I've had for a while and keep telling Mati that I'm too intimidated by its bigness to start painting on it. This seemed like the perfect (sorry! that word!) way to start my work on it!

And I am too busy having fun to be perfect. I'm too busy laughing too loud to be perfect. I'm too busy living my life to be perfect.

And that's perfectly ok.