more passion!

It appears that this is turning into passion week over here at live happy! I am just fine with that since I really do think that one of the key ways to live your most happy life is to know what you are passionate about...and then DO those things!

Here's another clip that I find so inspiring. Did you guys watch this past season's So You Think You Can Dance? It's such a fun, fantastic show! 

Youtube won't let me embed the video, but it would be here. No worries, just click through to watch. It's worth it, I promise!

One of the things they do on the show is have trained dancers perform an unknown style. In this clip, Alex, a trained ballet dancer does a hip-hop routine with Twitch, one of their all-stars.

So watch and remember, the guy in the red jacket is not a hip-hop dancer. He's ballet. But, man, just try to ignore the passion! I dare you!