moving beyond the buzz and into PURPOSE.

In early November, I got a Facebook message from the lovely Stephanie Lee, saying, "My gut keeps telling me that I have to call you! Can we talk?"

How could I say no to something like that?

So we talked. Over the phone. On a Sunday afternoon. For 2 hours.

The call didn't have the direct purpose of creating a course, it was more about connecting, talking about ideas that we had in common. There were a lot of "Oh, me too!"s and "Ugh, don't you hate it when..."s and "I hear that ALL the time"s and "What does that even mean?"s. Through the course of the two hours, we realized we were on to something.

And thus, You, On Purpose: Rhetoric Recovery was born.

Whether you are a creativity junkie, an established (or wannabe-established) professional artist, a retreat organizer, a teacher, a day-job dreamer, an aspiring work-from-home writer, a life coach or cubicle-bound paper magician, creativity is in your DNA.

Creative fulfillment is your birthright. You deserve to know exactly how your creative gifts will show up in the world and how they can be of service to yourself and others. You deserve to identify, embrace, and embody those gifts specific to you.

It is time for you to take control of your creative dreams.

Class starts on Monday, January 7. We'd love for you to join us. (Seriously, it's time. You are SO READY to do this.)

PS. Congratulations to Susie Seitz-King for winning the poster giveaway! Susie, please email me with your address and the poster will be on its way to you.