moving to Plan B

Moving to Plan B, via Tiffany Han I am a commitment person. Often to my detriment.

When I make plans with you, I will move heaven and earth to make sure they happen.

When I am needing to be somewhere, I will drive like a crazy person to make sure I’m not late.

When I say I’m going to do something, I do it.

While this can be a great thing about me, the pendulum often swings the other way and I end up panicked and stressed out trying to meet all of my commitments. I’m so concerned about letting someone down that I don’t recognize when I need to step back and make an adjustment.

Tim always asks me what my Plan B is. I get frustrated that I need a Plan B.

As we move into 2015, I'm planning. And thinking. And making changes.

I'm looking at what I am ready to let go of (more on that soon) to make room for new things. Good things. Things that are what I really want for my business (and life) instead of just good ideas.

And it's scary. The outcome in unknown. I might disappoint some people. I might surprise some people. It may not be what everyone wants to hear. In fact, I know it won't be what everyone wants to hear, because, at the end of the day, I'll never make everyone happy. 

It is not in my power to be everything to everyone. It is not in my power to give everyone else what they need if I'm also not being filled up in the process. That isn't working for me anymore. 

So, on to Plan B. Which is slowly becoming Plan A. And the exciting thing: soon there will be a new Plan B. One that I can't even imagine.

What if Plan B is just the other way things could go?

What if it doesn’t mean that Plan A is a failure?

What if it’s just me being curious? What if I figure out all the different ways something could happen and take my pick from there, like drawing balls at a bingo game?

As creative people, we are good at the imagining part. We’re good at drawing a picture in our heads of what we want. We’re good at pinning all of our hopes on a specific outcome.

And, really, that outcome hardly ever comes the way we think it will. The reality of that outcome never looks the way we think it should.

So how would you be served by curiosity instead?

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**graphics by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching