my celebration dress!

One of the things I learned when working with my life coach, Michelle, is the importance of celebrating. Both the little things and the big things. Whenever I was setting up a goal or deliverable for myself, Michelle would always ask "How are you going to celebrate when this is finished?"

Isn't that such a great question? How are you going to celebrate? LOVE.

So a few weeks ago, I made and submitted my introduction video to Spring. And while waiting to hear back from the girls to see if I had made it to the next round, I got an email from my bffs over at Anthro.

In which they showed me this:


Couldn't you just die from the cuteness? It's so fun! So spunky! So Donna Reed

And I thought to myself, "Oh that dress is something special!" and then moved on because not-on-sale albeit adorable dresses at Anthro aren't really part of my budget these days.

But it stayed in my head.

A couple of days later, I popped into my local store (which is right NEXT DOOR to the shop where I work! Trouble!) to pick up a headband I knew was on sale (to wear in my Spring gratitude video -- good luck charm!) and casually asked if they had any of the bicycle dresses. AND THEY WERE SOLD OUT!

Um...what?! But that's my perfect dress!

So then I popped in online and the dress was no longer available there either...this is when I started to get a bit panicky about the whole situation.

{Deep breathe, Fanny, deep breath}

At this point, I had no choice but to call another store in the area, see if they had the dress, and ask them to hold it for me. Success! (But keep in mind, I'm still not sold at this point, just still curious)

And then, I tried it on. And you guys, it's awesome! So comfy, so cute! And it has pockets! What?! Love dresses with pockets.

So I bought it. As my celebration for winning Spring. Before I even made it to the final round. And then I wore it to seal the deal. So it couldn't be returned. Before I even made it to the final round. (Um, thanks Universe!)

Here's a very blurry pic of me from Facebook rocking the dress gangsta style at a friend's birthday party. There's an even blurrier Tim and Maggie behind me.

Fanny_bike dress

I want to wear it every day, but that would be a bit much, right?