my new favorite t-shirts

Hi friends!

I've been away for a while, I know! My bff is in town for a couple of weeks and we've been having quite the time here in California. This is my I'm-gonna-show-you-how-awesome-it-is-here-so-maybe-you'll-come-back-and-stay-a-while trip. So far I think it's working.

We hit up the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend and it was a super fun time! I saw so many adorable things and I can't wait to share them with you! I also got a ton of ideas for my own booth -- which I'm planning to have for the December SF Renegade Show!

I didn't purchase much at the show, and there are a few vendors that I keep coming back to in my mind, saying, oh, I should have gotten that. Fuzzy ink is one of those. Can we please take a moment to talk about how cute these t-shirts are?




Crazy adorable, right? Of course, I'm completely loving the first one. Hello! It's turquoise and has a giraffe on a bicycle! I really don't know why I didn't just buy it on Saturday; it's currently all i can think about!

I'm really a sucker for t-shirts that are cuter than just the average t-shirt. I've slowly been moving all of my ratty high school/college/5K/bike ride t-shirts out of my dresser and into our rag bin. Honestly, I think I see them more now that we've turned them into rags! each pic for a link to each shirt! You won't regret it!