my random bits, aka, my balls!



Ah...We've finally made it past Mercury's freakin' retrograde! Doesn't it feel so good?

I woke up yesterday with a raging headache, but after an Excedrin migraine and a pot of coffee (a combo I don't necessarily recommend since it left me feeling like I might jump out of my own skin) I felt so jazzed about the coming months I could barely contain myself. Surely this didn't have anything to do with my insane morning caffeine intake, right?

So, without further ado, here are the random bits and pieces I'm working on, or, as I like to call balls:

{hehe, get it? Balls?! As in balls in the air?}

  • custom printing options for the shop. I am so very excited about this and will roll our my first design this week! 
  • a non-birthday party for Maggie (she turns 1 this week)!
  • a new website with a fresh new design! I'm working with the amazingly talented Jess Swift on this! Cause she's awesome! 
  • a new monthly newsletter
  • development of what is sure to be the best present ever! For reals, y'all! I'm going to try to get on this this week...stay tuned!
  • fun changes over at Spring including great new opportunities for guest posts and inspired life spotlights...which I'm sure all of y'all would be great for! 
  • did I mention I'm Mati Rose's new intern? omg you guys, working with her is so super fun and inspiring!
  • more cooking! and cooking videos for the blog! I've actually been attempting to write my own recipes (super hard btw)
  • research for a super-secret-but-don't-worry-you'll-be-the-first-to-know project I have up my sleeve
  • oh, and all the normal life stuff of work, painting, making cards, friends, family, blahblahblah

Phew! Are you still with me? Can you see why I've been so anxious for communication to become normal so I can get on all this?

Stay tuned friends! We're gonna have some crazy fun months coming up!


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