name that furball!

Ok, so I promise that this blog isn't going to become all about our new dog, but I really can't resist sharing a few more pics of her adorableness. She's really growing fast, so we're trying to take lots of photos while she's in her cute, clumsy phase. I think she's gained a couple of pounds since we brought her home on Saturday!


:Fur ball 





A few details:

  • Breed: Her mom is a border collie/australian shepard mix. Her dad was one of three dogs: a border collie, an australian shepard, or a sheltie. 
  • We got her from the Border Collie Rescue of Northern California. 
  • They called her Crystal Gayle since her mom was named Reba. 
  • We still don't have a name for her.

Tim and I are having a hard time deciding on what this little one should be called. I think she looks like a Violet but Tim contends that Violet is too soft of a name for a dog. He also says that we can't name her after any vampires (boo!) so Sookie, Bella, Alice, Esme and Rosalie are out. I wonder what he'd think about Renesme...HA!

We need your help blog readers! What do YOU think we should name this little one? Please vote! Also, if you have any other suggestions, they are welcome in the comments! I'd like to have the little one named by December! 

Oh, and PS. I cut all my hair off! Fun!